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[FORUM] Official Rules and Regulations

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[FORUM] Official Rules and Regulations

Post by [STI]Lelouch on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:34 pm

Campus Alert
Official Rules and Regulations

Basic Forum Rules:

  • There is no specific language to be use inside the Forum. But we strictly advice you that use English or Filipino when posting. Other languages are not allowed and will be blocked.

  • No flaming or badgering inside the Site. No posting of messages or writing insulting posts aimed at an another user's post, message, comments of directly towards the site. Just be polite if you disagree with the user's opinion or you may contact the Administrator if you have any problem regarding the Site.

  • No TROLLING AND SPAMMING! Do not post any messages if you have the purpose of gaining popularity, or baiting others just to reply your created thread. And no posting of advertisements and links towards another site. Your posts will simply be removed if we see it a 'nonsense' message.

  • Do not post any other school-related topics or any topics concerning other campuses. We are STIers, nd we are proud being a STIer.

  • Do not post a material concerning about race, se(x), religion, ideas that can offend or hurt.


  • DO NOT PST ANY BAD WORDS, SWEARING, OR USE OF EXCESSIVE LANGUAGE. If you post one, it will automatically replaced into the word *FOUL.

  • Post your thread according to it's category.If you post a topic that is not related to the Forum's Subject, it will be moved by the Forum's Moderator and the Site's Administrator.

For more information, contact the Site's Administrators. Thank you. Smile

- The Team
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